RBN Preview Pack?

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Alright, so, I was thinking, since John Q. Public is not gonna get RBN till it's good and ready, I was wondering if we could get a taste of things to come before we get the real deal.

Namely, could we get, say, three finished RBN songs into a pack released in the regular RB store?

Since the songs are already coded and note tracked and all that's left is to release them, why not use them to help fuel the hype machine and convince people that this is gonna work and it really will be awesome.

Does anybody else think this would help get people hyped for RBN?


  • KariodudeKariodude Road Warrior
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    Not really. There is no way 3 songs could be representative of everything the RBN has to offer. Besides, there will be enough hype for it once it's released. There has already been a ton of buzz building up to the release and releasing a three pack wouldn't inform anyone of the service. It would just be three songs.
  • SayburrSayburr The Always Informative Rock Band Forum Guru
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    I think the first post in the thread below in a great preview: http://www.rockband.com/forums/showthread.php?t=176177
  • QuazifujiQuazifuji Opening Act
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    The logistics of this would probably be tricky... I imagine there are legal permission issues that would have to be dealt with, and paying the bands/XNA account owners the normal way with a pack released through the official music store would be tricky. Not that I know the details, but the only way I could see it working is if they just went to some of the bands with already approved songs and asked if they could take the charts and put them on the regular music store instead of the RBN store. I'm sure the bands would be happy to do that, but it seems like more trouble than it's worth on Harmonix's part.
  • DavyinaTogaDavyinaToga Road Warrior
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    I see a month's worth of MotD being ready to come out about RBN as soon as it opens. That'll probably be good enough.
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