A little not-so-hidden gem I found involving "The Long And Winding Road"

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Yes, the long battle between Spector and McCartney. Which version is better, blah blah blah. I was never really sastified with either the Spector OR McCartney version. So one day I was listening to the Anthology 3, Disc 2 (LIB-Abbey Road) which imo is the best Anthology disc you can listen to as an album. And I heard The Long And Winding Road, which at first thought it would be the same thing from LIB naked, but I was wrong. Its a different take with a bit more drumming, and a nice acoustic guitar replacing the (imo) unfitting electric guitar on the ..naked version.

I can't seem to find a version of it on youtube, and be warned, its NOT the video of them doing it from LIB, that is the commercial version. If anyone can find it for me, that would be great. If you have Anthology, give it a listen and tell me what you think.


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