"Here is the token..." No Token?

paintballhalopaintballhalo Unsigned
edited January 2010 in LEGO: Rock Band
Hey, so my token never appeared. Here is what happen:

I went to the Rockband.com/lego site, put in the CODE* that I was given with the game and it took me to the token site where it said,

"Here is the token that will allow you to export all the songs from your LEGO® Rock Band® game to your console's hard drive.

This token is unique and can only be used once, so please print or save this email."

Then it has "Code Redemption Instructions" below that. But there is no token for me to enter into my Xbox.

I sent the site to my E-mail and it's the samething, no token.
I've sent a few E-mail's to the support asking for help but it's been weeks and no replie.
Not sure what to do now, was hoping someone here could help...Thanks in advance.


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