Freestyle drumming on Wii with GHWT drums - no kick?

DanAoSDanAoS Unsigned
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I got my son a Wii for Christmas, and as we got GH Metallica too (for me though, he's far too young for that) I picked up a GHWT drum kit in the Christmas sales as this is the only one that works with both GHM (and other GH titles) and Lego Rock Band. It works great on the whole, although there is one small issue - the kick pedal doesn't seem to work in Freestyle mode. I've flipped the Automatic Kick setting on and off with no change, seached this forum and Google itself, and come up short. I'm assuming it's a software issue, as the kick works fine when playing songs in Freeplay and Story mode, and also works fine in the drum tutorials. Is there any way to get the kick working in Freestyle? I'm guessing not, but I thought I'd ask just in case there's something I've missed somewhere.


  • OakTeaOakTea Road Warrior
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    That's a strange issue. I find that the freeplay drum volume is generally very low, but I doubt that's your issue.

    Does it not register, or is it just silent? (ie., can you see the little yellow flash when you press the pedal?)
  • DanAoSDanAoS Unsigned
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    It doesn't register at all in freestyle, there's no flash at all when pressed. But in practice mode, or freeplay/story, it works fine - I double checked by turning off the automatic kick option and the whole bar flashes when the kick pedal is pressed.
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