Turn the Lights Off and Make Them STAY Off

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Hey there guys. Just wondering if one of you gurus can help me out again. I'm finally working on my first actual project, and I'm wondering if there is some way that you can turn all of the lights in the venue off and make them STAY off for more than a few seconds. They did this at the beginning of "Carry On Wayward Son", but I just can't seem to get them to stay off.

I read the docs and tried the [lighting (stomp)] text event in conjunction with the 48 C2 note in several different ways, and I just can't seem to get it to work. 0_o Anyone got any idea on this one? Thanks!


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    What you're looking for is one of these two:
    [lighting (blackout_slow)] = darken the stage slowly.
    [lighting (blackout_fast)] = darken the stage quickly.

    There's a short fade time involved with these, especially on the "slow" version. The point at which you place the marker is where the lights will be completely off, so they will begin fading out before the point of the event. The "fast" version might be an instantaneous switch to black, but I'm not quite sure on that one.
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