I think there is something wrong with my game.

Davros22Davros22 Unsigned
edited January 2010 in LEGO: Rock Band
It has happened since I got the game but it never bothered me until now seeing as I am on the endless setlist.

Basically, what happens is, when either Hysteria or Rock and Roll star are the selection, this is even if they are randomly selected, it comes up with a message saying that disc is dirty, clean it then try again, but when I take the disc out it exits the game entirely.

I was going to leave it as I thought the endless setlist was going to be like it was on RB2, but as I managed to get through the 15 song set without the message coming up, I have realised the endless setlist is a random song setlist...

So what I would like to know is if I am able to remove the songs from the library, it will be a shame as Hysteria is my favourite song in any of the RB games and Rock and Roll star is pretty kick ass to.

Oh and on another note, I have completed all the gigs and still no trophy, whats up with that? although I am still yet to do the endless setlist but that is all I havent done as that will give me 150 stars and that is left for me to get :/

... Such a tempremental game haha


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