The Rollings Stones PWNS the Beatles

edited January 2010 in The Beatles: Rock Band
It's so funny. On Amazon, on YouTube, even on these forums, when somebody talks about the Beatles, there's always this douche-bag that points out "YO BEATLES SUCK CRAP ROLLING STONES IS WAAY BETTA BETCHES!"

Ummm, what?

No...not at all...that's an opinion, dumb-ass. Sure, Rolling Stones is good, has a couple of good songs, but their songs sound mostly likes jams. They don't sound organized or good. Which Rolling Stones song sounds like Golden Slumbers or Yesterday? None.

Just my opinion, though.

And the funny thing is, we Beatles fans never yell at Rolling Stones fans saying the Beatles are better...we keep the truth to ourselves...;)


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