Magma Cannot Find My 360

ManfredvonKarmaManfredvonKarma Unsigned
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My 360 is connected to my router via ethernet. I am on Xbox Live. RB2 is running, and I am sitting in audition mode.
My laptop is connected to the same router wirelessly. I have Magma with the latest update. I have a .rba file ready to be run.

Magma, however, cannot find my 360. I've tried numerous times. I've rebooted the Xbox. I've restarted Magma. Nothing works. Is there anything that could possibly be blocking this as far as ports go, or am I just completely SOL?


  • ethicalpaulethicalpaul Opening Act
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    Try reinstalling magma. IIRC it makes sure you have that windows communication thing installed.
  • ManfredvonKarmaManfredvonKarma Unsigned
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    Re-installing magma didn't help.

    It's a bit inconvenient, but I was able to get Magma to work on another computer in the house. So, the issue is specific to my laptop. Not a big deal as long as I have it working on at least one computer, but having it on mine would make things easier.

    I'm about 95% certain that this is an issue with the ports on this computer. If anyone knows which port I'd need to unblock, I'd greatly appreciate that.
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