Ps3 from EU, but RB2 and LRB from US, how to export?

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Hello all,
I have the equipment in the title, and I would like to export the LRB songs into RB2.

Of coursem RB2 and LRB work fine on my PS3 from EU, despite being from US. However, I realized in the past that only the songs I buy on the US PSN work with my RB2. Also, I just exported ACDC Live US through the US PSN. Works great, and I thought I'd do just the same with LRB

However, with LRB, I have to go on the web, and use the 16 characters code. But I also have to select PS3 EU or PS3 US. Trouble is, I have a EU PS3, but I have the bad feeling that they ask the wrong question, and this won't work if I do that. I know EU PSN songs don't work, and I am afraid I I select PS3 EU, that's what I'll get

But i'd like to be sure, otherwise,m I might lose my one-time-only code

Thank for your help


  • aznman08aznman08 Road Warrior
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    my guess, because you are exporting to a US RB2 would be selecting US LRB... i would wait for a second response though
  • sticky59sticky59 Unsigned
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    The confusing thing is that the selection is: What is your console
    PS3 US
    PS3 EU
    They ask for the console, not the game. My console is EU, but I have the feeling I should should US, though, cos all my RB games and DLC are US...
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
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    It doesn't particularly matter what region the PS3 is, just what region your PSN account is relative to your games.

    Basically: make sure that you have a PSN account that has the same region as your games. If you purchased your first RB game in the US, make sure you've got a US PSN account, and that all subsequent RB games come from the US. Likewise with the EU.
  • SveppiSveppi Road Warrior
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    My situation is exactly the same, select US, that's the one that works.
  • sticky59sticky59 Unsigned
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    Hey all,
    Thank you for your answers. I selected PS3 US, gode the 12 digits code.
    I then entered is in the PS3 (under my US PSN profile), and got access to a download called "Lego Rock Band Export Key". It's 100KB, downloaded in a sec. and automatically installed.
    And then? Well, then, nothing, I must be stupid, but I don;t know what to do next?

    Can anyone help me
    Really, I wonder if they could have made things more complicated
  • fcmleftyfcmlefty Road Warrior
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    Now you start up lego rock band, and go to the music store. Purchase export pack (or some similar wording) will now be an option for you in the music store. its a 1.2 gb download. I'm assuming you know how DLC works from there, so I'm not going to insult your intelligence with any further instructions
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