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wpcvenomwpcvenom Unsigned
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I just recently started getting into charting songs with Reaper. However, when I want to see how well they sync or if the beats match, I have to render the midi, then wait for Magma to render the .rba, then transfer the file to the Xbox and play. It just seems like way to much work, especially having to try and try again so many times because of my lack of knowledge with the software and music in general.

So, is there any way to preview the track in either Reaper or Magma so I don't have to render it each time I want to how it looks?

Thank you!


  • trg007trg007 Your Ever Rocking RBN Forum Guru
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    Why, yes there is! Click on the "fx" button on the MIDI track and you will find the RBN Preview Window. It's there by default if you started with the RBN Template; if not you'll need to click Add and browse for it.
  • ethicalpaulethicalpaul Opening Act
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    Also, you might have noticed that once a song is uploaded to your xbox, you can make midi changes and magma will only have to upload those (which are tiny and only take a couple seconds). It doesn't have to re-upload the audio.

    So midi changes are super fast.
  • wpcvenomwpcvenom Unsigned
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    Thank you both. I figured it out, and am currently charting Big Me by The Foo Fighters. Simple chart, but its my first :D
  • ccarolloccarollo Unsigned
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    When I play my song, both just the vertical tracking bar on the waveform and more noticeably when I do the RB-style charting preview, it's really jittery...any idea what might be causing that?

    I did my tempo tracking to my drum track first, is it maybe related to that, and that my tempo changes very very slightly measure-to-measure?
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