RBN Magma Can't Find Xbox 360

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I got a 12-month subscribtion to XNA the other day, and I've been trying to get some songs from magma onto audition mode. Right now I'm trying "Carol Of The Bells" by August Burns Red, and here's the message that pops up when I search for my Xbox:

"No Xbox 360's were found on the local network. Make sure your Xbox is properly connected to the network and waiting in Audition mode."

My Xbox is connected to the same network the computer I'm using is, and it's in Audition mode. Now, when I go to my network devices and printers, the Xbox doesn't show up there either. Can anyone help?


  • L3TH4LJ14L3TH4LJ14 Unsigned
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    My friend has this problem too turns out something went wrong in the Magma installation. It may seem wierd and useless, but try un-stalling then reinstalling Magma. Then reboot the PC, Modem/Router, and Xbox. Make sure you go to the dashboard first, then start Rock Band 2. Sometimes RB2 has trouble connecting to Xbox LIVE correctly if booted up automatically.
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    I had this issue. To solve it you can open the required ports on your firewall, which is 3074 UDP, or you can turn your firewall off for the moment you are using magma, this worked for me. Obviously do not keep your firewall off, make sure to turn it back on when you are finshed using it.
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