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Hi guys,

I already used the search but found no answer to my question.
Here it is:

I'm playing the career/storymode right now and I completed the cavern, doing every song with 5* - and I should've unlocked every photo for that part, but I didn't. There's one missing, the game says "To unlock this photograph, you need to collect 20 stars in the cavern 63-challenge."

What to do? Note: I didn't finish every song on expert, I saw her standing there is just way too complicated. :D

Would be glad if someone knew what's going on!



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    Go to 'Chapter Challenges' in the Story menu and select the Cavern '63.

    This plays all the songs from the Cavern chapter in one setlist. You will need to get five stars on every song in order to unlock the photo.

    Good luck!
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