I want to export RB2 songs into Lego RB!

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I'm really enjoying Lego Rock Band. Although it's not as "high powered" as the other RB titles, I think the fun play factor is higher, and more enjoyable for me when I play with the whole family, including my little kids.

I'm pretty sure this isn't possible with the current configuration, but I'm hoping for an update that enables exporting songs from Rock Band 2. I want to be able to play my RB2 songs in Lego Rock Band.

I would imagine that Rock Band: Beatles players would like to have RB2 songs as well.

Why can we export RB1 and Lego RB songs, but not RB2? A matter of licensing?


  • Bront20Bront20 The Writing's on the Wall
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    You'll probably have to wait till RB3.

    RB2 songs being exportable means they can be played in RB1. Lego Rock Band is the first "new" game where exporting might have made sense, but since you can export LRB into RB2, going the other way seems unlikely.

    The good news, is that HMX learned from RB1, and all the RB2 songs SHOULD be exportable in some way. Weather it be like RB1 with a small fee and an export from the disk, or like LRB, with a code (possibly in RB3? Or the serial numbers/Free Songs code being reused from RB2) is unclear, though it will likely cost some amount of money.

    Till then, you can ponder which of the 84 songs are family friendly (Hint, it's probably less than 40). There's at least one thread discussing it.
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