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Fuelie79Fuelie79 Road Warrior
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I realize I've posted many questions today, but this will likely be my last as I am nearly done with the song I've been working on.

1. What would cause the track to become out of sync after going through Magma?

I previewed the song in Reaper, and everything lined up perfectly, but it became out of sync while I played it in Audition Mode. Does this have to do with a recent error I got causing me to put [idle_realtime] as a text event?

2. How do you get around the 2.5 second rule in Reaper?

Is there a way to insert silence before the track to extend the beginning? Cause I tried moving the chart and it says it must start at 1.1.00. This is also causing another "WARNING" in which it tells me that notes have been placed before 3.500000 seconds into the song and causing notes to not to appear when first entering Audition, but they will appear upon restarting the song.

Anyway, thanks to every one for the recent help, and I am crossing my fingers that this will be it and my song will be done.


  • trg007trg007 Your Ever Rocking RBN Forum Guru
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    You have to check the "Embed Tempo Map" option when exporting your MIDI. It's unchecked by default, but once you export one time with it checked, it'll save the setting.

    How did you end up with notes before 2.5 seconds? That should pretty much never happen when you start with a proper count-in, though it's possible to have notes before 3.5 seconds which is not a big deal (it just causes a little bug in Audition Mode).
  • wikaman1wikaman1 Unsigned
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    I had that count in problem as well, I just got the music file and edited it in sony vegas with a blank mp3 at the start, a bit of hassle but it got it done
  • Fuelie79Fuelie79 Road Warrior
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    Thanks again. I can figure out the timing problem, but I never would have thought that checking that box would be the problem. I'm all set now. Thank you!
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