Compensating for tempo changes in existing charts + Mac issues

non_zeronon_zero Opening Act
edited January 2010 in The Rock Band Network
Hi, I'm new to tempo mapping on the computer.

I've created a guitar chart at a constant 90BPM. However, I need to add drums and it requires a faster tempo in some areas. If I add a new point to the tempo map and double the tempo to 180BPM it makes the guitar notes in that area twice as fast. Is there an easy way to take the guitar notes in the that section and compensate for this change?

Also -- I'm using Reaper for Mac, is it a common issue to not have the RBN tools install correctly? I ran the run-to-install thing and I'm not sure that it actually did anything. I had to navigate and open the RBN Blank Template manually, then I had to copy the rbprev.dylib with it's rbprev folder into the plugins directory. The RBN Preview visualizer runs but it can't find the images so instead of notes flying at me I see beat markers flying at me. Weird.
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