Bill Bruford's Earthworks approved.

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It's with great pleasure to announce that "Footloose and Fancy Free" by Bill Bruford's Earthworks has been approved for RBN. Bill Bruford has been the drummer for such bands as Yes, King Crimson, UK, and Genesis.

This marks the first Jazz track for the game. Keeping with Bruford's spirit of progression, "Footloose" pushes the boundaries of Rock Band. The song itself has no vocals or guitar, however the main melodies are driven by piano and sax. Therefore the song is comprised of the following:

Vox: The saxophone is played via the microphone. The "lyrics" are the actual notes, so if you are musically inclined, you can actually learn the parts of the song, play along, and get scored. Otherwise, you can use whatever noise appropriate to play the part!

Drums: Tricky time signature changes, including sections of 5/4, 7/4, 6/8, and a few measures of 4/4 will keep you on your toes. Look out for the blazing drum solo at the finale.

Guitar: The first iteration of the song in playtesting did not feature a guitar track. Due to popular demand, the piano part is played via the guitar peripheral, including a blazing mid-song solo.

Bass: One of the few (or perhaps the first?) stand-up acoustic bass charts for a Rock Band track.

Youtube autoplay video.


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