Code on Wii manual

InsanityExInsanityEx Opening Act
edited January 2010 in LEGO: Rock Band
Not the one inviting you to join the Lego website :p I'm talking about the 10 digit code at the back of the manual beside "Printed in the USA". It's a 10 digit code full of numbers, no letters so it can't be a code for export in the future. It can't be a printing code either cause all my other Wii games don't have that code, even Rock Band 2. But then again, didn't Harmonix say they put codes on all the Wii track packs and games after Rock Band 2? It could be a code for that. Or maybe it's just a printing code for Lego games :confused: What do you guys think? It's just interesting and God knows you guys might know what it really is.


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