Lyrics of Rock Band Lego

donhbdonhb Unsigned
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As I have a small TV and i am not able to see the lyrics ; i assembled from the internet all the lyrics of Rock Band Lego and put them on my blog you can copy paste and print them. Please tell me if you find any error


  • Anton_96Anton_96 Opening Act
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    The only problems are:
    1. People can look them up for themselves
    2. Sometimes, especially when there's several singers, the lyrics might not match what you'll be singing
  • ClipheadCliphead Rising Star
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    I used to have a pretty crappy TV that made text in a lot of Xbox 360 games nearly unreadable, but I never had a problem reading the scrolling lyrics. Have you tried switching to static vocals?

    Anyway, this site has all the lyrics (and even the notes) exactly as they appear in the game.
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