Two things i need help with

Dragonheart1991Dragonheart1991 Road Warrior
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I'm not a noob. But these things have confused me.

Number one is the Entourage members. I think i have ALL of them but the achievement you get didn't unlock.

I have the Manager, Record Producer, Intern, Top Promoter, Stylist, Accountant and Music Video Producer. Who am i missing?

And secondly. I've completed the final Rock Power Challenge. But what's the path to unlock the Endless Setlist?, is it after the Rock Marathon?


  • ZemanatorZemanator Rising Star
    edited January 2010
    yes, the endless is after the marathon...

    and as for the entourage, you listed 7, there's 10, and the only one i can think of you missing is the spiritual guide... there's 5 that boost studs and 5 for fans, you can see what you're missing when it adds up your studs/fans after each gig
  • cherokeesamcherokeesam Washed Up
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    Yeah, there's 10.

    Record Producer
    Top Promoter
    Music Video Producer
    *Spiritual Guide
    *Marketing Executive
    *Top Sound Engineer
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