SD card question

StevoPhiloStevoPhilo Unsigned
edited February 2010 in The Beatles: Rock Band
Does the higher the class on the memory card decrease the loading time on the wii for playing songs? Cause I have micro sd's and normally use an adaptor to convert it to a regular 16gb HC card.

Just curious if it lowers the wait time. :p


  • jwebb1970jwebb1970 Road Warrior
    edited February 2010
    Not so much loading times between songs - in fact with cards of various rated speeds, I have not noticed any change in load times. The difference will be how long it takes the track to transfer to SD after downloading it as an initial purchase from the Store.
  • SysyphusSysyphus Unsigned
    edited February 2010
    I agree with the above - I see no noticeable difference in song loading times having just recently replaced my old 1gb card with a shiny new high-speed 8Gb card - I'm not even convinced that there was any difference in download/transfer times either, but since that is a one-off thing per song it hardly matters anyway.

    What really sucks is not being able to use the new card for RB2 DLC, so I still need to swap cards when I want to play that game.
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