A Hard Day's Night (Not a DLC Thread)

Zerobox94Zerobox94 Opening Act
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Why is the music in A Hard Day's Night seem slower? I always wondered this. How much slower is it?


  • hannie3000hannie3000 Rising Star
    edited January 2010
    There's been a thread about this a while back, but I'm too lazy to find it at the moment.
    The music being slower in the film has something to do with the frames per second of the film itself versus the song recordings. The songs had to be slowed down to match the picture.
    I believe they were lowered a semitone. Not sure to how much that translates into speed.
  • DookieManDookieMan Road Warrior
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    Yea, I made the thread. I didn't notice the tempo decreasing, but they are definitely at a lower pitch. And yeah, that's the difference.
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