2 songs done...and WAITING!?

ChrisHandyChrisHandy Unsigned
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Is the "peer playtesting" process in place, so that I might submit songs for review and ready them for the store? Also, is there a key link or forum link that will tell me exactly when it's ready...once it is?

If it's ready for peer submission, please, someone give me a link to the directions on how. I don't want to miss the launch and my songs are....unique...to say the least.

Thanks so much.


  • kuiosiklekuiosikle Opening Act
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    The playtesting and peer review processes are available through the open beta at http://www.creators.rockband.com

    If you have a premium XNA membership and an Xbox Live Gold account, you can sign up on the creator's site and put your songs into playtesting to get the ball rolling. :)

    Also, you can follow the progress of the songs you submit directly through the creators site. It's all there.
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