Major Meme Song in RBN

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Ok, might as well come out and say it:

I'm developing a song for the RBN that 4chan should be all over by the time this is posted. I feel as though I need some incentive and pressure to release this, so I've decided to formally announce it:

I contacted an Australian Artist named Morbicae back last year when the service was announced, and I've negotiated to release his song, Shoop Da Whoop (I'ma Firin Mah Lazor) on RBN for download.

I was inspired by a forum post about this song being made into a free song for release, and by the time that RBN was announced, I knew that this would be a perfect fit. He then re-recorded his song specifically for production in the RBN, and I began my work.

Now, I hope to release it by summer if given enough time between my college classes to chart it. I also need to get a full XNA premium membership, as I only have a student trial obtained from DreamSpark (it should be no problem; I'm planning on buying a 6-month package by April). What I need from the community is your support to invest my time to release this. I want to raise awareness so that Morbicae can see that this investment will pay off. I hope to charge 80 msp with all proceeds going to him.

So, I am aware that I've opened a can of worms in releasing this info, but I know that this will pump up support for the RBN in the Meme community.



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