Has anyone asked Tom Green...

j-tork800j-tork800 Opening Act
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about submitting "The Bum Bum Song (Lonely Swedish)"? I searched and the search excludes short words so I was just searching for "green, song" and got no useful results. If not I will because I'd love for it to be available. I figured I'd ask before I did it.


  • broncosfan06broncosfan06 Debbie Downer
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    Oh My Gawd............as someone who grew up in the 90s when he was actually (semi) funny, i NEVER thought of that.......but I bet he would be all for it. And it would be a kick ass drunken party song....I would definitely bring it up to him.

    If I remember right the Tom Green Show was on MTV, right? MTV = HMX.........I would say its a good possibility he would do it.
  • jojuincjojuinc Opening Act
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    We definitely need to make this happen!

    The loon needs to be charted to guitar though.
  • toymachineSHtoymachineSH Headliner
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    Check The OR >_>
  • kuiosiklekuiosikle Opening Act
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    Toymachine: Hell yes!

    Also, he has a lot of rap and indie songs that are really good too.

    I'll ask him two weeks from now when I go see his stand up routine in NYC if I can't get in touch with him before hand. He always has tech savy guys at his house for his online show so he could probably submit some stuff (that he owns all the rights to) by himself.
  • j-tork800j-tork800 Opening Act
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    K. I asked on his site and he hasn't responded yet. Also I completely forgot that MTV was connected to Harmonix. I even asked in my question to him if he didn't have the rights if MTV would and if they do I'm sure they'd give the rights to HMX. Good catch.
  • jojuincjojuinc Opening Act
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    Any new news on this?
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