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This is NOT inspired by the other thread, these are actual beatles songs mashed together and whatever, it's not the same idea. I got the idea from the love album, and Beatlesfan88 originally had the idea to make a medley. So I did, and I put it up on youtube to share.

The Medley, and my first, is "The Dark Medley," because the songs I use have a dark edge or evil intent. I mash the songs together, and put them in a order to my liking, it's very fun and it sounds pretty cool. I'd say this medley is fairly decent, however there are some messups in the version I have put up, Comparing the "Final Version" to the "Fixed Version".

I also added a few effects, and some pretty cool conversions (Well if you think so or not)

The Dark Medley

Part 1 : Link

Part 2 : Link

Part 3 : Link

Part 4 : Extra

EDIT: It's been a while's the continuing

The Acoustic Medley

Part 1 : Link

Part 2 : Link

Part 3

Part 4

Feel free to add input, and feedback

if you have any ideas or suggestions throw em' at me. There will be more "Medleys"


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