"The End" drum solo tips?

Beatles4life100Beatles4life100 Unsigned
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I always have a hard time on that. Anyone have tips?:(


  • robbieconrobbiecon Road Warrior
    edited February 2010
    I'm afraid other than playing it again and again there's no way to just be able to do it. Although the solo may be played on it's own in Practice, and in Beatles Beats it's the last or second last "beat"
  • MostSpartan14MostSpartan14 Road Warrior
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    If you're having trouble with the drum kicks, exaggerate the movement of your foot and leg to help you get the beat better until you can get it down. Then you just have to work on the drum pads. It's easier for me to use two hands for the drums instead of trying to use one but it may not be that way for you so you just have to keep practicing.
  • PleasePleaseMeatPleasePleaseMeat Rising Star
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    Just keep a steady beat on the bass.

    It helped me to think that the tom notes come in twos, and that there will always be one played with the bass.

    Get that down, and you'll be fine.

    I actually got 100% on it once, but the douchebag host of the game quit before the song ended, so I didn't get the achievement.
  • oMeGa-8oMeGa-8 Unsigned
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    Just keep your arms loose, if that makes sense, along with what everyone else says. I got 99% on it once, but the part that goes like b y y b always catches me.
  • SputnikDXSputnikDX Road Warrior
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    Practice and practice the bass beat completely by itself. Run through the solo at least 10 times using only your legs. It sounds excessive but trust me, it's the exact thing you want. What you want to do is get the bass in complete autonomy. Once your legs are doing their own thing completely by themselves, the toms are an easy throw in.
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