Some Possibilities?

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So as we all are assuming, the Rock Band Network Store may launch at the South by Southwest festival on March 17.

Now last year at SXSW, we received DLC from The Von Bondies and Glasvegas, who were at the festival.

This year, we know Harmonix will be there, and looking at the list of bands you can see Attack Attack! who were leaked for Rock Band Network in that Rock Band 2 vs. Guitar Hero 5 list that leaked a bunch of Lego: Rock Band songs, as well as bands like I Fight Dragons, who are already on board with RBN, and bands that we are familiar with from their inclusion in the 20 Free Rock Band 2 tracks, like The 88 and The Chevelles.

Going further on in the list, there are some big acts, such as Andrew W.K., !!!, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Bowling for Soup, Cheap Trick, Hole, and according to this, Soundgarden.

Now, it may just be that Harmonix will be there as well as these coincidental bands, but I think that it could be a possibility that these could be big artists that will included in Rock Band Network, or maybe just DLC for that week.

If not, hopefully Harmonix can give a good presentation in front of Cornell and his crew to get them interested and on board.


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