Help please! Can't progress past chopper

irkentallestirkentallest Unsigned
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I've unlocked the chopper, added the record producer, recorded 2 albums, 5 stared every gig available, but I still don't have the challenge available to progress to the next vehicle. If I add up all my stars in the venue menus, I'm at 385 (even though my total says 389?!).

I've replayed multiple gigs (at all venues), purchased everything currently available in the store and den, hired all available entourage members (5 so far), but I still don't have the challenge for the Skyscraper/Speedway venues. The help at the bottom of the venue selection screen says I need to play more gigs at the Skyscraper to record my debut album, but I've played all those gigs (some 2 or 3 times) and have 80/85 stars. I've even recorded 2 albums. However, I still haven't gotten the prompt to play the challenge (I'm assuming the 5 stars I'm missing are for the challenge gig).

Any help would be appreciated, as I'm getting tired of replaying the same songs/gigs over-and-over. Thanks!


  • irkentallestirkentallest Unsigned
    edited February 2010
    Nevermind. I shut off my PS3 for a while and when I started playing again it prompted me to go purchase the bus.

    Still no clue why I have 4 extra stars, but at least I have new gigs now!
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