So has it been determined how PS3/Wii songs will be chosen?

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Some of the songs that are coming I'm really excited for but I'm worried about some of them not coming specifically the Ron Wasserman and The Slip songs. I'd imagine it'd be by huge requests or popularity on the 360 version.


  • davidshekdavidshek Community Playtester
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    While it may have been determined by HMX how they are going to choose which songs get ported over to the PS3/Wii versions, no such plans or details have been announced yet.
  • Bobman32xBobman32x Road Warrior
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    All I really want right now are the slip songs, the Bang Camaro songs, the flogging molly songs, the main drag songs, cheat on the church by graveyard BBQ and 59 sound by the gaslight anthem. All of those songs are quite big in either actual songs or because of Harmonix History, so im confident those will come to the ps3
  • libregkdlibregkd Rising Star
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    While nothing official, I'm fairly confident that HMX is going to chose songs that sold well on the 360 version as well as having a nice variety of different genres. Also, they'd probably include a few, if not all, of HMX bands (Bang Camaro, The Main Drag, Tijuana Sweetheart, etc.)

    I'm personally hoping that song that has been on previous GH games make it over to the PS3 (Cheating on the Church, Even Rats, Push Push (Lady Lighting), etc.) so I can finally put those games to rest.
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