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Hello, I apologize sincerely for asking such a dumb question, but how would one go about getting their songs into the network?

My dad decided to get back together with his garage-punk band from the 80's (it's funny because my father is like 50 now) and he is interested in recording with his band. I could really impress my dad if I could get his songs into the RBN.

Who would I send the masters to? How? Where? Also, could a band/artist be without a label?

At the same time, my friend is the guitarist in a local death metal band. He really wants to get his stuff up onto the marketplace, but he wants my help. What should I tell him?

I know that the music has to be charted first (not something I want to do...), but again what do I need to do/know?

I'm sorry for sounding like such a major noob, however I know that the RBN is open to all and I was just curious about its aspects.


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    This thread has a list of companies that will get your songs into RBN, so that's a good place to start looking if you don't want to do the charting yourself. Any charting company's website should have instructions on how to submit songs to them. There's also a forum over at for bands to connect with authors, although it doesn't seem to be used much.

    Also, yes, bands/artists can get into RBN without a label.
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    How long do some of these companies take to respond? I emailed two of them and it's been like 5 days... :mad:
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