RBN Prospective Songs List 3.0

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Picking up where wesjett08 left off....thanks, Wes, for all your hard work in keeping us up to date on new songs as they enter the Network! :)

Note that this is a list of prospective songs for RBN prior to store release. It is *not* guaranteed that any of these songs will make it to the RBN Store, or even as far as playtesting. Songs that have been approved by HMX and peer review will show up on Noble's approved songlist here.

Feel free to add new information about prospective bands and songs in this thread, but, like wesjett08, I will only update with *official* info from the artists and/or their approved authors.

updated 4/5/10:

Connor Christian and Southern Gothic
'Splosion Man - 2 (3?) new songs

RockGamer Studios new vids for:
Amberian Dawn
Bang Camaro
The Fury
Stars of Boulevard
Tijuana Sweetheart

Bornholm - "Where the Light Was Born"
Evergreen Terrace - "Sending Signals"
Fear Without Reason - "Home"
The Japanese Frog - "Where We're Goin'"
Zack Wilson - "Rearview Mirror"


Noah Engh
Brian Kahanek - 2 new songs

The Bronx - "Youngbloods"
Jonathan Lee - "Sound of the Redeemed"
Minnesota Sex Junkies - "Burning Rome"

8 Inch Betsy
Brian Kahanek
KMFDM -- more tracks
The Last Good Year

Andy Kirk - "Love Is The Only Thing"
Modern Skirts - "Eveready"
Order of the Crimson Wizard - "Scream Ceremony"
Third Eye Blind - "Never Let You Go '09"
White Line All Stars - "Unstoppable"


-bands/songs listed below with a *green* marker are new to this week's list -


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