80's Review

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I'm currently working my way through the 80's edition and will post my review as a progress.

So far the songs are fairly decent and its exciting to be playing alot of these tracks. I'm working on medium first to unlock all the set list first. After that I'll probably hit Expert.

I started off with expert (Flock Of Seagulls) and completely smashed on it! My turn. Be back.

As most of you should know and expect its a GH game. There are some difficult passages and such, but nothing that is going to make you pull your hair out like in GH or GHII.

The song selection is fairly decent and covered about the same. With no extra songs or new guitars or finishes, the game lacks in that area. I was disappointed to see the same guitars and skins in the store and only one extra character.

A Price of 49.99 is a little too much, but if you're a GH fan like myself (which you probably are), then its a must to add to your collection!

Final rating 3.5 out of 5.

Any questions?


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