Psychostick on Rock Band?!?

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Quick search revealed nothing on this...

Psychostick singer Rawrb hinted that songs from their album "We Couldn't Think of a Title" could come to Rock Band. I've posted on the Psychostick forums about a desire to see this happen before, and again when I saw lead singer Rawrb's post on Facebook about it. Who else wants to see this happen? I'd love to see the appropriate buzz generated about this band and its necessity in Rock Band!

Ok... now I know there are alot of people who will overlook this thread based on the name alone......... SHAME ON YOU! After years of hearing "don't you judge a book by its cover" isn't it time you heeded that advice?

This band is metal...yes. But even if you are not into metal, you will still get a kick out of them and want them for you Rock Band parties. Its Wierd Al metal....only smarter!

Maybe these links will help...

Girl Directions

Throwin' Down


Yay for entertainment!


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