RBN is Amazing! But it's Exploding My Ears!

uppyb0tuppyb0t Opening Act
edited March 2010 in The Rock Band Network

I'm so pumped RBN is live! I'm going to be spending a fortune. I'm kind of scared at the selection. I fear I may get lost with all the selection that's bound to be coming. I grabbed some Floggin Molly and KMFDM! Going to be great. Just played Juke Joint Jezebel and rated it. Eggcellent.

So to the point. The RBN is perfect other than the fact that the previews are blaring. Distortion blaring. Just a little lowering of the volume would be awesome.

The songs preview fine when choosing songs in the game, but within the RBN store they are way too loud.

That it all. Thanks for everything HMX. You understand music.


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