So WTF is going on?

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OK. I was under the assumption that the RBN would be available to everyone right from the get go. WTF is this "some songs will be released" garbage? I realize the PS3 doesn't have the XMA capabilities so I could live without the fact we can't play test, even though I'd LOVE to do so, but I moved on. Now what's happening is that 360 users get to download from the RB2 RBN Store for 30 days and THEN PS3 gets the scraps? Are you freaking kidding me? What hardware deficiency is there that's the cause of this? If a song passes the XNA trial, it should be made available to every system period. Yes, I realize that means there will be a flood of new titles every Thursday for me, but I was expecting that. I even put $50 into my PSN account just anticipating the opening of the RBN. Now I have to wait an extra 30 days for not even all the songs? Sorry, but that's some BS. We've already got the hardware update for the RBN store, so where the hell is it?


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    Please remember that you are a guest on these forums - a post with "WTF" in the title is more likely to receive a slew of posts starting a flame war than any sort of productive discussion.

    You can also feel free to take a look at any of the numerous forums where us devs and moderators have been commenting on this very topic.

    Here's a post I made just a few minutes before you made this thread:

    Believe me, nothing would please us more than having all RBN songs appear on all consoles. The simple truth of the matter is that the infrastructure required for something like this (that no one has really done before on consoles) requires not only significant engineering on our side but on the part of the first-parties. Luckily, Microsoft had much of that infrastructure in place on their side through their XNA program. We are continuing to talk to Sony and hope to get as many songs onto that console as they can handle. Thank you for your interest in this program, and please know that we are working hard on our end to open this up to as many people as humanly possible.

    You can feel free to check out this thread:
    as well as the stickies in the RBN subforum, for more information and developer clarifications.
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