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I'll try to keep this calmer than my last post, but what I don't get is why only a certain number of songs will find their way over to the PS3. I mean, I can live without the XMA-testing, but I think it's bull that a song can pass the testing and not make it over to the PS3. For example, I can't wait to play the Steve Vai or Jonathon Coulton songs. It sucks for me that I have to wait a month now to play them, but now I have to worry for a month that they'll even make it to me? THAT'S what I have a problem with. I figured the "select songs" would be the songs that didn't pass the XMA-testing, not songs that passed and just didn't make it over.


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    Just because a song works on Xbox 360 doesn't mean it's good to go on all the consoles. For example, the Who Super Bowl shuffle apparently ran into some glitch on the PlayStation 3 and Sony had to send it back. As of right now there are over 100 songs, with more coming almost every day. That's a LOT of stuff for the Sony and Nintendo to certify. That's why it took several moons for the Wii store to get all the songs that the other consoles had. It's not a simple matter of doing a copypasta to the other consoles.
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    Both HMXThrasher and HMXHenry have repeated that the XNA program is integral to how they will be releasing these songs into the wild. It's been common knowledge since HMX released the information on how this would work.

    Practically everybody understood that the concept of 'select songs' meant mainly 'top sellers' would see conversion and submission to PS3 and Wii download stores.

    It's understandable that you're upset for spending $50 before understanding how the system worked, but it's not HMX's fault that you didn't understand how the system worked despite all the information they released about it.
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    i hate to say it, but this isnt the place to complain.

    the main fault of it all lies with SONY for not being compatible with the system required to make this happen.

    also considering this has been known for almost a year now.....
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    Then I misread the initial press release. I thought that the "Select songs" was in reference to the testing area, where only certain songs that passed the criteria would be released to the public. That's what I thought the XMA issue was since you needed it in order to test the songs. Once they became public on 360 I figured it'd be the same for both systems as they were an official part of Rock Band 2.
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    This has been discussed many times, long before the RBN launched. The reason is because without XNA on the PS3, HMX has to manually port the songs over to the PS3. This takes time and probably money to do, and the songs probably have to go through Sony's certification process like any other DLC, so HMX isn't going to spend a lot of time doing this for songs that aren't selling well on the 360. Hence the "select songs".
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    Hmx wanted the RBN to be as hands off as possible so they could focus on the 'big' dlc (and disc stuff) for RB proper.

    Porting it over would require work for them, and they'd have to track sales and get payment out to the authors and artists themselves.

    Which goes against the hands off thing for them to make a long story short.
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    Ahhhh.....I love my Xbox 360.

    I'm heading off to hug it now.

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    Patience is often rewarded. Keep the faith my PS3 brethren.
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    Dude, at least you know you're getting songs. We, Xbox 360 players in the wrong country, on the other hand... :(
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