how does hmx verify permissive useage of songs?

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(sorry if this was asked a billion times, I didnt see it and the ol search aint helping)

I have to say I was rather thrilled with the store openings selections. Love skindred to death and being from jersey am a huge senses fail fan as well. The thing that strikes me though is how does anyone check that the music is allowed to be used? for instance the senses song lists the label they are on but at the same time skindreds song was listed as no label. I couldnt help but to imaging those labels would kind of want to be at the very least recognized if other rbn songs are.

Also what if the band itself doesn't want their music in the game? Whats stopping anyone from just taking some of the biggest bands and making a track for them at will?


  • The FriskThe Frisk Opening Act
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    Well, in order for these songs to be in the game, whoever owns the master tracks would've had to have agreed to have them in the game and have sent them to one of the authoring companies, or have done it themselves, to have made for the Network.
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    Licenses *do* have to be verified. There's several songs on the already approved list that didn't make it to the Store yet because of minor licensing issues (such as distribution).
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