Web Content Week of 2/25 - 3/5

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Harmonix Co-Founders Alex Rigopulos And Eran Egozy are Character Approved

Alex & Eran were honored by USA Network in the 2010 Character Approved Awards, which aim to honor the real characters who are changing the face of American culture.

Disturbed Spreads The Sickness

Another three-pack from Disturbed comes to Rock Band plus pairs of tracks from Silversun Pickups and The Mother Hips, and a single from Trust Company.

The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 11 - Awesomeness Detection

This week’s episode is full of awesomeness!

Rock Band Network Music Store Launched!


A list of all the songs available on Day One of the Rock Band Network Store.

RockBandAide Features Exclusive Interviews with RBN Bands Amberian Dawn and Damone

RockBandAide lends us two interviews he put together with artists featured in Rock Band Network. We pulled together some highlights and you should definitely head over to his site to read the full interviews.

Rock Band Network Insider's Look: The Labels

We reached out to a handful of amazing labels involved with RBN to get their feedback on the process so far. There's some great comments about where music gaming is headed, how it could introduce people to new music and there's even some hints about which bands you may see coming up next!

John Drake - The Main Drag, RBN and Promotions at 30,000 Feet

HMX communications warlord HMXjohnd starts a wild rant about how to shamelessly plug your band. Step 1: RBN. Step 2: THE WORLD.
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