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SikeningSikening Unsigned
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Hey. My RBN screen currently lists "Code Monkey" by Johnathan Coulton as a free download, yet when I try and download it, it says the transaction could not be completed at this time. I also noticed the prices of some of the RBN items went up, so my fear is that I will miss out on having a free Coulton song.

Is this a recurring problem, or just limited to me for some reason?


  • Thom1234Thom1234 Road Warrior
    edited March 2010
    This has come up a few times. The songs are meant to be either 80 or 160MSP and HMX are working to fix this error.
  • Mcmax3000Mcmax3000 Unsigned
    edited March 2010
    It's an error that's happening to anyone outside the United States. The song is not free. It is 160 Microsoft points.

    Based on what I've found, it seems the problem is that a bunch of the new songs that have gone up yesterday and today are set on Xbox Live to only be available in the US as I tried to buy Code Monkey from Xbox.com and got an error stating that the content wasn't available in my region.

    I imagine we'll have to wait until Monday for a fix as I don't know that the Marketplace team at Xbox works weekends.
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