How exactly does peer reviewing work?

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Is there a brief description of the process someplace? I'm somewhat interested in helping out, but not sure what all it entails.

From what I gather, initially a song goes up for playtesting and people check it out and give feedback via the forums or some sort of message sent to the author, changes are made, then it goes into peer review, where people give it either a pass or fail.

In order to peer review something would I have to examine all the instruments? I don't play guitar or bass at all and wouldn't be able to recognize a bad chart. What about the different difficulties? Are people actually playing the easy drum chart and passing judgment on it?

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    There are all sorts of peer reviewing. Some people are just as thorough or even more so than a playtest.

    Personally I do a check for hard fouls and for what I call the "HMX feel".

    If you don't play a certain instrument or whatever, you can also playtest for the ones you DO play :)
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