RBN Bands offering free Mp3 downloads

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I've noticed a few bands (us included) offering up their RBN tracks as a free mp3 download. Figured I'd give it all a mass post so no one misses out. Please let me know if I missed any and I'll update. :)

DnA's Evolution - "The Heist" - http://dnasevolution.com

Wounded Soul - "Rx" - http://www.woundedsoul.com/music/wounded_soul_rx.mp3

James William Roy - "Paper Valentines" - http://www.thejamesrocket.com/thejamesrocket_files/paper_valentines_09.mp3

James William Roy - "Shiny Dark Bar" - http://www.thejamesrocket.com/thejamesrocket_files/Shiny_Dark_Bar.mp3

Ron Wasserman - "Fight Back" & "Revengers" - http://tinyurl.com/RonWRBNmp3

Rose of Jericho - "Buried Cold" - http://roseofjericho.com/rockband/roj_buried_cold.mp3

Rose of Jericho - "Take Me Away" - http://roseofjericho.com/rockband/roj_take_me_away.mp3

Hyro Da Hero - "Dirty South Rock" - http://www.hyrodahero.com

Voodoo Pharmacology "Minnesota" http://www.voodoopharmacology.com/

Uniform Motion - Roll Over - http://uniformmotion.bandcamp.com/track/roll-over-single

Terrorhorse - Packet Flier - http://www.terrorhorse.com/ep.html

Ultra Saturday - Superhero! - http://amiestreet.com/music/ultra-saturday/



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