holiday songs?

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Just wondering... Would it be possible for holiday music to appear on the RBN?

For example, songs like "Jingle Bell Rock" that exist in several forms by almost any artist that does a holiday collection seem like they could be re-recorded for the RBN

This could go for essentially any holiday classic, right? Who owns the rights to "Jingle Bells?" (just as an example....)


  • Casto21Casto21 Rock and Roll Statistician
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    If the song is public domain, then yes it could be released.
    If the rights are owned by anyone, then no. This would fall under the No Covers rule.
  • Santa ClaustrophobiaSanta Claustrophobia Road Warrior
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    Jingle Bell Rock is not Jingle Bells. And as such, it might not be public domain. Ultimately, if somebody still owns the copyright to a song, then they must be the ones to submit it.

    Also, the problem with holiday themed releases is that there is no guarantee of a release date.
  • frankummsfrankumms Opening Act
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    get adam sandler to do the haunaka(sorry not jewish cant spell it) song
    or even better, get him to do the lunch lady song, god that would be epic
  • recharge138recharge138 Road Warrior
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    So public domain songs are ok? I thought I remembered reading that they were forboden along with covers.

    Now I eagerly await a black metal version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
  • recharge138recharge138 Road Warrior
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    As for Jingle Bell Rock, wikipedia says both original songwriters are deceased, but no mention if the rights went public domain or are held by the families.

    EDIT: Google search shows that it is indeed public domain. Now we just need someone to cover it. Black metal style, of course. :D

    EDIT 2: And another search says its not listed in the pd song list. Confusing!

    Here's the list, if anyone wants it:
  • LuigiHannLuigiHann Stormtrooper
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    Unfortunately, a song whose public domain status is "confusing" is certainly the most difficult type of song to get onto RBN
  • cherokeesamcherokeesam Washed Up
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    Isn't "Holiday" one of the many sub-genres on RBN? Or did I just have an acid flashback about seeing that somewhere....?
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