Keeping Tabs (New Releases)

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I'm sure it has been established in a thread somewhere, but I'm going to go ahead and ask / discuss it anyway.

What is the best method of keeping up with new RBN releases?

I've seen the "New Release" thread... but with all due respect to the OP and community, it's really only of use if someone is on the ball and constantly checking for + posting about new material.

Is there a site (fan-made or official?) that automatically documents just new additions to the RBN? The closest thing I've found is this, which requires you to sort by date (no big deal), but will undoubtedly take longer to load as tracks are added. I was thinking something along the lines of a live feed, keeping track of the most recent 25 or so songs to surface.

Or even a Twitter feed. That would be lovely.

I know I probably sound lazy, but I'm just trying to perfect methods of notification, here. The fact that music can (seemingly) be added at any given day or hour has me constantly checking the aforementioned URL. I was just curious to know if anyone had any easier methods. Is there a "sort by date" option on, for the RB2 DLC, or...?

Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated.


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