can't go to RBN in the game?

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Hello people,

I liked the idea of the RBN when I've had heared it, and when I saw the update I put the RB2 disc in my 360 to see the RBN.

Only problem, I can't acces? If I do music store --> Rock Band Network, my screen will be load something, and stucks at the screen background of the menu where you can go to music store/tour ect.

I live in the Netherlands, don't have a gold membership for this moment, but will get it as soon as possible.

Sorry for some bad english.. hope you guys can understand me.



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    Jovano;3555672 said:
    I live in the Netherlands
    And there's the problem.
    XNA FAQ said:
    In which regions are Xbox LIVE Indie Games available for purchase?

    Consumers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Singapore and Spain are able to download Xbox LIVE Indie Games for purchase. We are continually working to add additional regions.
    In this case, substitute "Xbox Live Indie Games" for "RBN Tracks".
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    hmm >.> damn .. now I want to live in the US

    well, thank you for your help ;)
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