RBN PS3 prob.

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I know i'm not the only one sick of how any mention of the RBN doesn't tell you that it's only, i'll repeat , ONLY for the Xbox 360.
i know i'm not the only one that is dying for at least the RBN store on the PS3. but Harmonix, why do you make the best features available to Xbox 360 users exclusively? and what's withe the who superbowl medley? it's been what, a month now since it's release on the xbox?


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    1) it has been stated in every press release that its 360 only
    2) the original press release told you why ps3 doesnt get it

    they do not, i repeat, do not have the infrustructure that allows the RBN to operate

    there is more to it then it just being a store, the creation tools, the networking, the sales tracking, PS3 does not provide that

    XNA is something widely used by indie game makers, thats why it works so well for RBN, which will mostly be indie artists(or in this case, independant song charters, which in its own way is indie work)
    PS3 unfortunately doesnt have anything close to being able to allow this
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    yea wtf like id pay for alot of songs on there i would pay 5$ for mordecai that song gives me an orgasm
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    RayGuitarHero12;3560084 said:
    it's been what, a month now since it's release on the xbox?
    It was released in the UK, but they found some problem that required it be taken down. And since it was taken down, it has to go through cert again.

    Because of this HMX likely was unable to get it out to the US...since I'm guessing it's the same issue on both PS3 versions.
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    We really don't need another thread about this. Vedis has already answered your question, but any further info about why the RBN is not available on the PS3 yet can be found in multiple other threads in this section.
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