Hyro Da Hero Makes his RBN debut

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About Hyro Da Hero

Hyro da Hero doesn't have to front. The Houston-born, Los Angeles-based rapper has a vision for music. It doesn't include flavor-of-the-week ringtones and absurd novelty dances. It has nothing to do with pre-packaged Hollywood pretense or fluffed and folded egos. Much to the contrary, Hyro's vision involves real rhymes about real life, music with a message, buoyant, bombastic beats and daggers shot right between the eyes of every fake MC on the scene. Hyro isn't afraid to tell it like it is. He'll call your favorite rapper out in one track, and then he'll shine some light on a major social problem in another. However, he's also apt to get the club bouncing with a grit and gusto that's classy and chock full of swagger. Hyro introduces us to “Dirty South Rock,” the lead single on Belo Horizonte which was produced by Fred Archambault (Avenged Sevenfold). “That song is the perfect blend of rap and rock and what I am trying to do with my music,” says Hyro. “The hood loves it and rockers love it.”
With a smile he laughs, "Be ready, because it's only the beginning." Hyro's about to wake the whole ****ing game up, are you prepared?


Hyros website where you can download his E.P. for Free!


Link to his song's in the network


Dirty South Rock Vid



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