PS3 and Wii users...Let's help Harmonix, out!

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Now, I'm not sure how many PS3 and Wii users are masochistic enough to check in on the RBN forum, but, here goes...

I see all of the great music being made available via RBN, and I get a mixture of excitement and worry. See, as a PS3 user, the phrase "selected titles" gives me nightmares. In short, I'm worried that the RBN titles that I would like to buy won't be chosen by Harmonix to be ported over to PS3. What I'd like to propose is this. All PS3 and Wii users post your most desired titles in this thread. This way, we can give Harmonix direct feedback as to what songs we want.

I'll start.
Of what's already released, I would like to buy the following:
The KMFDM songs (they're selling well, so I'm not too worried about these...)
The Main Drag songs
Amberian Dawn
The Project Hate
Fake Shark/Real Zombie
Glass Hammer

Of the bands that are supposedly in the pipeline:
Watchtower (Oh pleasepleaseplease)
Sunny Day Real Estate (ditto)
Devin Townsend (that's a big one too)
King's X
Blotted Science
Fates Warning(so is that)
Spock's Beard


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