Dry Vox Problem

Fuelie79Fuelie79 Road Warrior
edited March 2010 in The Rock Band Network
So I'm attempting to chart vocals right now, and for the "Dry Vox" section in Magma I went to Render in my Reaper project and created a compatible file for it. With that project, I get the error:
ERROR: Vocal Scoring Compiler: Failed to generate vocal weights; dry vox audio does not appear to match the vocal notes authored in the MIDI file

I read the documents on this error, and I really do not think it fits any of the reasons listed.

So I tried another file in there, and it got past that error, but when it got to Phase 4, the Lip Sync Compiler, I got a message saying MagmaCompiler.exe has stopped working, and the build stopped. Any help with this problem would be much appreciated.


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