Congratulations and Thank You!

jawillroyjawillroy Rising Star
edited April 2010 in The Rock Band Network
Congratulations to those of you currently topping the leaderboards for Paper Valentines (Jmemmerson, Jormbo, BobRichards091, In Utebro, and The Otherside of Despair) and Shiny Dark Bar (KingOfTheCosmos, Jormbo, BigZ7337, and Blatant Subtleties.) Double props to Jormbo for rocking both tunes on bass, and a special tip of the hat to all the full bands who gave them a shot.

Those of you, like BobRichards091, who have captured your achievements on camera, send a link to me at The James Rocket and I'll put it up, for everyone to see and gnash their teeth in envy.

Thanks to all of you who played the songs; We hope you liked them. There's more where they came from.



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