Beat the actual guitarist at his own song...

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I've just posted a video challenge for the song "Still Alive" - World Minus One. This is a song I wrote, and just out of curiousity I'm wondering who can play it better than me on RBN. If you beat my score, I'll be sending you 2 free World Minus One tracks for the effort, including a brand new one that will be coming to RBN in the future ("Fool For Your Love"). I didn't make it easy (got a little lucky, I think), but I know some people will crush this no prob.

If you have your gamertag linked through your forum profile, you can just drop a post here if you're higher than me on the leaderboards and I'll send you a message with the download links...Good luck!

"Still Alive" available now on RBN (80 MSP)!

Just for fun, here are some other vids RBN'rs have been asking for. Because we...uh...set the bar low on these, these are just fun little things you beat and rub in our faces if you're so inclined. Here they are....the word 'challenge' is used loosely here....

Kirk's "Still Alive Drum Challenge

World Minus One's "Still Alive" Band Challenge


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